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Do you Feel Stuck in Your Financial Journey?

Financial Sozo® brings hope, freedom and lasting change. — Stephen K. De Silva

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Financial Sozo® Sessions are for anyone open to hearing God speak to them about their finances.

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Common Areas We Address

  • Impulse Spending
  • Financial Lid
  • Debt Dependency
  • Generational Traps & Habits
  • Damaging Financial Cycles
  • Poverty Mindset
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Fear of Money
  • Financial Trauma
  • Self Doubt
A kingdom solution

Get help from the one who designed you

We have no other agenda than to help you follow the promptings of God and encourage you in developing the capacity to carry wealth well

  • Address the root of unhealthy financial cycles and incorrect beliefs related to money, identity, and purpose
  • Discover faulty beliefs holding you back in your financial journey
  • Reveal the truth needed for lasting change in your life
  • Develop a personalized action plan for walking out your healing
  • Create generational money habits that support a powerful legacy

Digging Down to the Roots has 4 Steps

connecting with God


Invite God into your situation & hear what HE has to say for yourself


Find the root of your financial pain & the belief that is behind it


Choose to hand your old beliefs to God and receive HIS truth to live out going forward


Invite the Holy Spirit to help direct your next steps and live out the new truth

How much does a session cost?

Sessions can be for individuals, couples, engaged couples, or business owners and partners.

Typical sessions with one person

  • last between 60-90 minutes
  • address triggers, belief systems, & truths
  • develop vision, strategies & tasks
  • set aside time for questions, review & prayer (optional)
  • have a suggested donation fee of $150 US (for North American* participants)

*The standardized rates for a session are shown. We are an International Ministry, so every facilitator has their own booking process and price considerations for your location.

If you are in financial crisis, discuss this with the facilitator and they will help you work out a suitable amount for you to donate for your session. The times listed are approximate. Extra time and charges may be requested if a translator is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Sessions are 60-90 minutes.

Couple Sessions are 90-120 minutes.

Business Sessions are booked for 2 hours to accommodate the time needed when a second or third person is involved, as well as time to unpack business-related action steps. If a translator is required, more time will be needed.

No, you do not need to be a Christian to get a Financial Sozo®. You do need to be aware and comfortable, though, that we will be praying in Jesus' name and asking Him for guidance during the session.

If you are engaged or married, having a Financial Sozo® as a couple is best. If, during the Financial Sozo®, deep individual issues arise you may be referred to a Regular Sozo.

Sozo is a Greek word that means full healing: body, soul & spirit.

Most sessions are performed virtually via Zoom but if you are local and have trouble with the technology, we could consider meeting in person.

Due to the nature of this ministry it is helpful to be familiar with hearing God’s voice for yourself. If this is unfamiliar to you, you may need additional sessions to work through the whole process.

Financial Sozo® sessions with us are very gentle. We only go where you want to go, and we let the Holy Spirit lead.

We respect your rights to choose what to do with the financial information that comes up and will not pressure you into anything you are not ready for.

These sessions are confidential.

In-Person sessions are run according to our local safe-place policies and current health mandates.

Financial Sozo® sessions are booked individually. 

The number of sessions needed depends a lot on each person, whether they follow-through with their SMART goals, and have people that will support them in their journey to health. It is up to the individual to book another Financial Sozo® when their SMART goals are completed, if they think it would be helpful.

With the amount of time we have in a session, we can usually only address one trigger. If multiple triggers are a concern, you may schedule an additional session at least one month later.

It is important to have time to walk out your first session before any more triggers are addressed.

If you find that you are struggling with completing your action items, we recommend booking a Coaching Consultation to talk about coaching options — often old habits are getting in the way of your healing. Coaching can address both the habit change required as well as the mindsets.

SMART goals is an acronym that describes how a goal is worded. It needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant (realistic but risky), and Timed (meaning there is a deadline). During the Financial Sozo®, you develop a personalized Action Plan to move forward that is written as a list of SMART goals.

I Took Back My Power

Just wanted to give you an update! I was able to negotiate with my credit card companies and went from owning over 25k to paying only a little over 15k! Now I can help others get out of debt in my financial business. And I took my power back more importantly! And learned a big lesson! ;)

Thank you for all your support in our Financial Sozo! — Gail (USA)

We Feel like Kings and Queens

Wow!! Our minds were blown yesterday. Like blown. You are incredible with finances and giving advice in this area and all while making us feel like Kings and Queens in the process. So, thank you! WE walked away feeling so much hope and inspiration. — AH (Georgia, USA)

Completed a Hard Assignment with Honor

[description of negative options] ... but I didn't act on any of those thoughts ... I have overcome a temptation to compromise in the most tempting area of my life - yet I didn't, so the completion with honor means something very big - like now I have been promoted and am ready to step up to something bigger!

I believe your prayers and your sessions all brought out this change of perspective to God's point of view! — (USA)

New sense of Boldness and Excitement

First we have seen an increase in earnings from my business. We’re looking at a projected increase of around 3,000 to 4,000 pounds on my annual earnings by year end April 2021. This is amazing considering so many businesses struggling during 2020. I have also felt that a new sense of boldness and excitement to push on with trying to grow the business, I do feel that the rejection of the spirit of fear has enabled me to do this. Ellen and I are daring to dream big and working together to position ourselves to be ready for God to move. We are being bold in our belief that we will buy a new home this year. God has moved mightily already when we were unexpectedly gifted a significant amount of money over the Christmas that has made our dreams of a new house possible. — Steve and Ellen (UK)

I paid 100% of my debts, I still have money saved

It's great! I paid 100% of my debts, I still have money saved and my work has prospered a lot! I feel a change in mentality. Before I thought that I would not reach my goals, that I would not succeed, but today I feel that I am worthy of good things. Every time I get discouraged I remember that the Father told me that I am Queen, so I quickly return to my place of royalty in God and follow His plans. Another thing that happened was the change in my relationships, I identified many abusive friendships and I allowed them to prevent me from enjoying a full life with God. It was amazing because I managed to break away from bad relationships without feeling needy or guilty. I have really been experiencing an emotional, spiritual and physical condition that I didn't think I could. Oh, and the voices of discouragement to invest in new things are gone!! — (Brazil)

A Kingdom Solution

The answer to money problems is not the newest tip or investing technique. It is discovering the underlying beliefs you operate in with money and aligning your beliefs with Kingdom Truth.

Sunrise over the Earth